Martijn Hemeryck

Dev / Maker / Engineer


Hi! I'm Martijn, pleased to meet you. I'm an electrical engineer by background, specialized in software for embedded devices and digital signal processing. Over the years, I've branched into all-round true full-stack software engineering. What do all of these fancy titles really mean? I just like to analyze things, take them apart, design them, and build them up again. I'm a dev, a maker. I like to solve problems!

Work Experience

Software engineer

CodaBox | Aug 2018 - Present

CodaBox is an energetic scale-up fintech supporting accountants and bookkeepers in delivering their documents in digital format. I mainly work here as a dev on the monolithic python / django backend that takes care of the retrieval, processing and delivering of documents in digital format. I work on both keeping the current stack operational as well as evolving it on a functional but also technical level e.g. to a more service-oriented like architecture.

  • Backend dev CODA / SODA / E-invoicing platform
  • Expert python / django
  • Analyst CODA push delivery

Software engineer / analyst

Unleashed | Jul 2016 - Jul 2018

This was my first true job as a software engineer, so I sure did learn a lot here. First, I was part of small cross-functional team to support the marketing efforts, dubbed the ‘Mobile Vikings Get & Retain Squad’. Afterwards, this involved into the ‘Marketing Automation squad’, where I got more into the job of analysis, combined with software development.

  • Analyst marketing automation backend REST API architecture
  • Mobile Vikings prepaid registration project dev
  • Analyst full MVNO migration marketing backend

Research Engineer

SoundTalks | Sept 2012 - Jul 2016

SoundTalks focuses on supporting different actors in the livestock industry. Their main product at the time was a device to monitor the respiratory health of fattening pigs based on sound, the ‘Pig Cough Monitor’. Given the size of the spin-off company at the time, I had various different responsiblities, ranging from the research of the sound analysis itself, to design of the hardware that was used, customer contacts as well as on-site support for the installations.

  • Lead research & development Pig Cough Monitor algorithm and software
  • On-site installations and maintenance
  • Data collection and management
  • Software development process management
  • Customer relations

Research assistant

KU Leuven Medical Imaging Research Center | Sept 2010 - Aug 2012

Research assistant involved with a number of short-term, focussed projects. Teaching assistant for undergraduate signal processing course.

  • Project: Quantification of lung pathology based on computed tomography
  • Project: Validation of a novel 3-D volumetric approach to evaluate local bone changes
  • Software tool for integrated registration and segmentation for 2-D and 3-D follow-up analyses of oral and maxillofacial surgery (CBCT)
  • Teaching assistant undergraduate digital signal processing course



Open Source

Python library reading and dumping of CODA format (Belgian bank format).


Open Source

Python project that bridges between a websocket API (evok) and MQTT, to integrate an IOT device into a home automation setup.


Open Source

Go project heavily using goroutines to efficiently translate a polling-based protocol (modbus) into a subscribe-based protocol (mqtt).